Bike touring

Bike touring through the North of Thailand

Nepal and India had given us so much, both good and bad. These countries had tested our resilience and nerves to the fullest. We spent countless nights in dirty hotels and ate food that we feared to get sick of almost daily. These moments had made us stronger and we both agree that reflecting on…

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bike touring

A short bike tour through Myanmar

What a difference a border can make. We had just crossed the friendship bridge from Thailand to Myanmar. We had left a world of western luxuries to find a world still clearly struggling from recent hardships. After cycling over the border Jasi and I looked at each other and were lost for words. With our…

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Bicycle Maintenance

Maintenance for Touring Bicycles

Before I start, I must mention two things: Firstly, if you are interested in our stories on the road and not in bike maintenance, then stop reading now. Secondly, this is our first bike tour and before this tour, we had no idea about bikes, so, go easy with the criticism. This is a guide…

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