Kapas Island, Heaven on Earth

Muslims call it Paradise, christians call it heaven and we called it home for 5 days and nights. Kapas Island is truly spectacular, a sleepy island somehow uncaring to the tourism potential it has. White sands, beautiful turquoise waters and just enough facilities for you to feel completely relaxed. Internet is Limited and swinging in…

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southern thailand bike touring

Bicycle Touring Southern Thailand

Cycling Overview Our Story We’re back! We have been quiet on our blog for the last few weeks as we were busy cycling and escaping the starting monsoon season. After Matt spent one month in Kuala Lumpur and I enjoyed my family and friend’s company in Switzerland, we both flew back to Bangkok. It was…

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Through the Eyes of an Afghani

Hazel with a dash of green. They were focused, calm and quiet. They were beautiful. He maintained his gaze, which was kind and welcoming. They were the eyes of an Afghan man that had fled his country, in hope to provide for his sheltering family he had left behind. His story left me in thought…

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