Cambodia children

Bicycle Touring Cambodia – “Holland of South East Asia”

Cycling Overview   Our Story Our short stay in Cambodia was highlighted by navigating our way along and sometimes through the spreading waters of the Mekong, past plains of rice paddies, by floating villages and to the ancient ruins of Ankor Wat. There are two types of roads in Cambodia, flat highways or flat dirt…

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Dream Bicycle Touring Destinations

One Year on a Bicycle – Our TOP 6 Bicycle Touring Routes

Spending one year on a bicycle will naturally bring you to exceptionally high and low moments. Spend a year doing anything and you will find yourself looking back on those few moments where everything was just right. Everyone has their favourite Bicycle Touring Routes, destinations and moments for their own reasons, so here’s a list…

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Bicycle Touring Vietnam

Bicycle Touring through Vietnam’s crazy traffic

Cycling Overview Our Story A scooter loaded with about 30 live chickens, attached with little straps to their feet flies past my bike. Then, on the other side of the road, I spot another scooter carrying a fridge(!). I don’t get the chance to analyse all this, as more scooters pass by so close to…

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