Bicycle Tour Malaysia

Bicycle Touring Video – Bangkok to Singapore

Bicycle touring Video, Bangkok to Singapore. From the bustling Bangkok city, through Southern Thailand, Eating our way through George Town Malaysia, skipping over perfect islands of Malaysia and finally to the futuristic city of Singapore. Another leg of our Adventure from Switzerland to Australia. Stay tuned to the end to see just how friendly and…

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Bike Touring Malaysia

Cycling Overview   Our Story The undeniable sound of grating metal against tarmac sounded. The sun beat down, the air heavy and humid. I threw my hands to the brake levers, snapping my head over my shoulder. Sparks danced above the sliding motorcycle, masking the detail of the man pinned underneath. The convoy of whining…

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Kapas Island, Heaven on Earth

Muslims call it Paradise, christians call it heaven and we called it home for 5 days and nights. Kapas Island is truly spectacular, a sleepy island somehow uncaring to the tourism potential it has. White sands, beautiful turquoise waters and just enough facilities for you to feel completely relaxed. Internet is Limited and swinging in…

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